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The word "investigate" is derived from the Latin word vestigare, meaning to "track or trace."

Investigation means to follow step-by-step by patient inquiry or observations; to trace or track mentally; to search into; to examine and inquire into with care and accuracy; to find out by careful inquisition; examination; the taking of evidence; a legal inquiry.

Successful investigation involves a balance between the scientific knowledge of the investigative process acquired by study and experience, and the skills acquired by the artful application of learned techniques.

Mark W. Stephens & Associates, LLC has been able to capitalize on that balance as our Investigative Staff consists primarily of retired law enforcement practitioners, former police officers and detectives who have decades of investigative experience.

The investigations conducted by Mark W. Stephens & Associates, LLC are typically "cradle to grave" investigations. That is, when contracted by a client, our investigative staff will initiate an investigation and "track or trace" all leads until the investigative process has been exhausted. In areas where criminal actions can be documented, the investigative staff will work with the proper law enforcement entity to file criminal charges, identify and locate any suspect(s), identify and locate witnesses and/or possible witnesses, and testify in court.

In other areas such as civil disputes, domestic situations, or work related incidents; Mark W. Stephens & Associates LLC will assist attorneys, business management, or other clients, to bring their investigation to a successful conclusion.

Mark W. Stephens & Associates, LLC provides a variety of services such as:

bulletCorporate Investigations
bulletCriminal Investigations
bulletCivil Investigations
bulletPremises Liability Cases
bulletDue Diligence Investigations
bulletLitigation Support
bulletJury Profile
bulletProcess Service
bulletAsset Searches
bulletPolygraph Services
bulletSecurity Consulting
bulletSecurity Surveys
bulletEmployee Theft
bulletBackground Investigations
bulletInventory Losses / Shrinkage
bulletConstruction Theft / Cargo Theft
bulletDomestic / Divorce Investigations
bulletSurveillance / Covert Cameras
bulletUnsolved Cases
bulletMissing Persons
bulletPlus, many more services available

And while past performance is not indicative of future success, Mark W. Stephens & Associates, LLC has been tremendously successful in conducting all types of investigations for current and past clients.

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