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The theft of building materials, appliances, doors, and other items are rampant in the home building industry. Many builders have concluded that the instances of theft are just a "cost of doing business." We, at Mark W. Stephens & Associates, LLC, do not subscribe to that theory. In fact, Mr. Stephens has designed and implemented security and loss prevention programs for some of the areas top homebuilders, with very successful results.

The bottom line is that theft adversely affects profit margins. Reduce the amount of losses through theft, and your profit margins will increase. Although that statement sounds somewhat simplified, it is nonetheless accurate.

Through a combination of surveillance techniques, covert camera systems, and investigative skills, Mark W. Stephens & Associates has been successful in identifying, locating, and apprehending individuals and/or groups of individuals who have preyed on the home building industry. Our Investigative Staff maintains an excellent working relationship with local law enforcement and District Attorney Officials, and can act as your liaison with these agencies.

Instead of reporting a theft, obtaining a case number for the insurance companies, and then waiting for understaffed, overworked police or sheriff’s departments to work on your case when they have time, Mark W. Stephens & Associates, LLC will work with the police officers and sheriff’s deputies to make sure your case receives the attention you deserve. The result is that your case gets immediate attention and valuable leads are not lost in the shuffle. The chances of catching the criminals who stole from you are increased tremendously.

Additionally, our Investigative Staff will inspect your construction sites and new home sites on a random basis, and provide a security survey that will let you know if your builders, sales people, or other employees are doing everything necessary to deter criminal activity and provide a safer work environment. This will provide you with an invaluable tool to assess employee performance in these areas, and show you exactly how to manage or direct your employees to improved performance.  This could ultimately lead to a lower loss ratio and greater profits.

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