Mark W. Stephens & Associates, LLC

CHS III Certification Homeland Security


Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mark W. Stephens, was a highly decorated veteran of the Houston Police Department, who was ultimately selected as a lead investigator for the City of Houstonís elite Public Integrity Review Group and later the Office of Inspector General.

Working as a patrol officer, undercover narcotics and vice officer, and Investigator, Mr. Stephens investigated, assisted, and solved some of the City of Houstonís more notable criminal cases, including:

bulletThe Windsor Plaza Rapist case, wherein Mr. Stephens conducted a crime analysis of several similar incidents, and determined the criminalís method of operation. Mr. Stephens directed a proactive operation that resulted in the capture of the suspect during the course of another sexual assault. The suspect was identified and convicted in multiple sexual assault cases.
bulletThe Houston Fire Department Bribery Case, in which three clerks from the Fire Department and two paralegals from local area law firms were all charged and convicted of obtaining, selling, or receiving confidential information regarding accident victims;
bulletThe undercover "sting" operation, which resulted in the arrest and conviction of a Harris County Assistant District Attorney for possession of cocaine;
bulletThe investigation which netted a City of Houston Planning Commission Member for the felony criminal offense of Perjury. The city official was charged and later convicted.

And many more.

With more than forty commendations, including a Mayorís Meritorious Service Award, a Chief of Police Commendation, a Chief of Police Unit Citation, and the distinguished Officer of the Year award in 1991 with an additional nomination for the prestigious award in 1996, Mr. Stephens left active law enforcement after sixteen years in order to bring his knowledge and experience to the private sector.

After twenty years of investigative experience, Mr. Stephens is widely considered one of Houstonís premier detectives and has provided his services to large corporations, government entities, small businesses, attorneys and law firms, as well as individuals.

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